The Mystery of the Missing Dots!

I owe this mysterious discovery to an avid collector of cancellations, Mr.  J.L.Romero.

J.L. specialises in Millennium Series as well as the Pitcher Plants issue. While discussing cancellations, he brought to my attention the mysterious missing “dots” on the cancellations.

Here take a look (pictures are courtesy of J.L. Romero).

Pitcher FDC 1

Pitcher FDC 2

Did you notice that in the Pitcher FDC 2, the date “6.4.1996” is not separated by the “dot”?

Here is a rare one, a FDC with both “dot” and no “dot” dates on the same FDC (again courtesy of J.L.). Doubly rare is that the FDC was cancelled in Wilayah Persekutuan Labuan!

I was fascinated when I understand that the same difference can be found on the Millennium FDCs. True enough Series 1 and 2 display these differences. Howver Series 3 does not seem to have this type of variation.

Here is one:

Look at the second and third cancellations from Millennium Series 1. There is one “dot” missing between 31.12 on the central cancellation.

We discussed about possibilities what all this meant. Could it be an error, a variation or some other reasons?

I invite you to share your opinion. Better still, go and have a look at your own collection!

I will share our opinion later.

Happy discovering!


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