Press Conference on the Royal Visit Stamps

Finally Pos Malaysia unveiled the Royal Visit stamps! Yes! The draft visuals I posted earlier has been confirmed. The press conference was held at the Pos Malaysia Philatelic Bureau’s Stamp Gallery at about 11:00 am today (11 September 2012). Reporters from various newspapers came to cover the event.

Here is the banner and the sign “Closed” at the Stamp Gallery.

The release will be published in the dailies tomorrow.

Here is a picture of the poster.

Well if you are keen to get a set, make sure you queue up early on 13 September 2012 at 08:30 am! Or you can pre-order at eBay <Sorry order closed. Please check out my lastest Update post on available stocks.>. I will hold the price until tomorrow for collectors and those who are too busy to queue. If you check around, the pre-sale prices are astronomical!

If you are not on eBay and do not want the hassle, just drop into the Comment on your requirements and I will contact you.

I am also planning to make a special cover. More on that later on.

Meanwhile, anyone who has solved the “The Mystery of the Missing Dots!” will get a surprise prize! You just need to tell me the most plausible explanation and your postal address (it will be by snail mail, no P.O. Boxes)!



2 thoughts on “Press Conference on the Royal Visit Stamps

  1. Hi. I interested to buy t’s fdc -set of 2 cover tat u post on ebay.

    Can i order 3 sets. Let me know hw to make the payment n the delivery method.

    Thanks & regard

    1. Dear Vicky,

      If you have an eBay account, you can change the quantity to 3 and click “Buy It Now”. That will take you to the payment page where the Maybank number is listed. Each set is made up of 2 First Day Covers. The first cover has 2 stamps. The second cover has a miniature sheet. This is the link:

      If you do not have an eBay account, I will email the account number and after you bank into Maybank, I will confirm your payment.

      All FDCs will be sealed into protective plastic and send via registered mail with cardboards to secure it. I will send the same afternoon of 13 September 2012 if I can make it.

      Thank you for the interest.


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