7 Years of myfdc and a Translate Feature for the new template

Today marks 7 years since myfdc first launched.

myfdc was started when a concordant collector friend asked why not we share on concordant covers? It is an area that is very exciting (to us) and we can start to have a dialogue and connect with like minded collectors of concordant FDCs. It took almost a year to build the basic format and upload photos from various collectors.

It soon grew into a sharing of upcoming new issues and reporting of events and exhibitions.

A Facebook page followed soon: myfdc Malaysia.

As myfdc hit 7 years young today, the old template became obsolete and there was a need to change to a new template. This new template has a TRANSLATE feature (look to the right!).

Thus as we have more and more international readers, this feature will be a useful tool to help more readers understand what is written.

myfdc would also like to thank Pos Malaysia for the continued support to provide information on new issues as well as the many stamp societies (PSM, PSPP, etc.) around Malaysia and international friends who are willing to send information.

Stick around for more philatelic fun and do reach out if you want to connect with like minded collectors.