Next issue: 22 August 2019 Caves in Malaysia

The next issue is planned on 22 August 2019. The topic is Caved in Malaysia.

This issue will feature:

  1. 60 sen stamp: Gomantong Caves, Sabah
  2. 60 sen stamp: Kelam Cave, Perlis
  3. 60 sen stamp: Tempurung Cave, Perak
  4. RM 5.00 Miniature Sheet: Niah Cave, Sarawak
  5. RM 6.00 Folder
  6. 50 sen blank envelope

Here is the price list:

The Miniature Sheet features a special die cut inside the stamp! There will be a big cave opening (hole) on the Niah Cave! That is a bright idea! Reversed die cut!

The designer is KY Lim from Reign Associates.

The concordant locations are:

  1. Sandakan (pictorial)
  2. Miri (pictorial)
  3. Batu Niah
  4. Batu Gajah (pictorial)
  5. Jeram
  6. Kaki Bukit
  7. Kangar (pictorial)
  8. Batu Caves (matching the word Caves)
  9. Gua Musamg (matching the word Gua)