ASEAN 10 Countries Joint Issue Pack National Costume from Singapore Post

Singapore Post has sent out the order forms for the ASEAN Joint Issue Pack on National Costume for all 10 countries.

Each pack retails at SGD 12.00 for foreign addresses.

They will be available after 30 September 2019. The pack will feature all 10 countries’ stamps. There should be 1000 sets if all the “exchanged” stamps are made into packs.

Here is the order form:

Just download the image and print. Follow the instructions to order.

If Pos Malaysia releases a pack with an MS, it will be more complete with only the Perforated and Imperforated Laos MS missing from the set.

It will also be interesting how Pos Malaysia prices the pack.

What about Pos Indonesia? Any Indonesia collector want to give your opinion?

Any other information on ASEAN 10 Countries Packs?