From Darkness to Light…. A Riddle for Tonight

Let’s solve a riddle. There are many leaked images on Facebook now (19 August 2019), it should be easy to solve if you are hardworking enough to search around.

The first to solve the riddle correctly (everything!) will get a mailed prize whenever the next issue is released. If no one gets all correct, I will decide the most accurate. So there will be ONE winner.

So here goes…..


The swallow flies Under the Wind, into the far eastern shores it seems;


Into the deepest darkness of the huge coconut shell,


A light shines as it peers out from where the prehistorics dwell;

Only to see the hornbills win, spreading the wings right up to the seams.


Three times the same, we see;

The rate across South China Sea.


A hole, in the pocket is seen,

The hornbill, hides in plastic green.


The italics and line spacings are deliberate. Hint, hint!


Closing date: 18 August 2019, Sunday night, maybe around 9:30 pm (of course Malaysia time!, stop asking, this is a Malaysian website!).

Open to anyone in the world!