2019 Garden Flowers Reprints Updates and the 10 sent Micro Text Error on the 40 sen stamp!

Right, I sort of missed out that the Garden Flowers Reprints have reached 2019/1 for 10 sen, 20 sen, 40 sen and 50 sen.

In addition, a reader triggered me to go back and check on the 10 sen micro text error on the 40 sen stamp.

The error is in the middle of the 40 sen Garden Flowers micro text. It starts with POSMALAYSIA40SEN and somewhere in the middle it became POSMALAYSIA10SEN before continuing with the correct text POSMALAYSIA40 SEN. Here take a closer look.

This error was seen on 2018/1 and subsequently the new 2019/1 still has the same error.



Anyone found a correct version? That would be rare!