Next issue: 17 September 2019 Malaysia Day Our Food

The next issue is a Malaysia Day issue with the theme “Our Food” (Makanan Kita). This issue features some of our favourite local food. Where possible I put in an English name for the food, however the local name takes precedence in this case.

  1. 60 sen stamp: featuring drinks and dessert such as Teh Tarik, Coconut Pudding (Puding Kelapa), Ais Krim Gula Apong and Bubur Chaha
  2. 80 sen stamp: featuring snacks Kuih Cincin, Kuih Ketayap, Apam Balik and Layered Cake (Kek Lapis)
  3. RM 1.00 stamp: featuring Roti Canai, Hinava, Hinava, Dry Noodle (Mi Kolok) and packed Nasi Lemak (Nasi Lemak Bungkus)
  4. RM 5.00 Miniature Sheet: featuring the Air Batu Campur (ABC)  (also known as Ais Kacang) Shaved Ice and the ice machine
  5. RM 6.00 empty folder
  6. 50 sen blank envelope: featuring the traditional soft boiled egg and toast

It is fortunate the designer of this issue does not eat soft boiled eggs with shells.

There are special micro-text printing with “Sayangi Malaysiaku: Malaysia Bersih” and in addition, you will see the new Visit Malaysia logo on the stamp sheet gutter.

The MS is in a die cut format of the ice machine plus UV spot printing on the shaved ice. This is an extra for the special effect and unusual MS collectors.

The designer is KY Lim from Reign Associates.


  1. Stamp: 250,000 pieces for each design
  2. MS: 25,000 pieces
  3. Blank envelope: 27,000 pieces
  4. Empty folder: 1,600 pieces

In 2017 there were a number of Festival Food:

There were older issues featuring our local food including a joint issue with Hong Kong. Time to dig your albums.

In our Malaysian tradition: “Jemput Makan”.



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