Happy ASEAN DAY! ASEAN 52nd Anniversary and a National Costume Joint Issue

As usual the regulars were at the queue early in the morning. Today saw a very light queue. Philatelic fatigue?

As I mentioned, there will be a special giveaway again today. Only 1 composite FDC (stamp and MS on FDC) and posted to you ANYWHERE in the world!

Leave your number in a queue below before I do the draw after 11 am. I will then announce the lucky number who must send me the address before 3 pm. MALAYSIA time of course! I need to post out before the post office closes.

Thank you for joining and happy hunting to complete a set!

If you want to buy any of the products today, just send me an email to sky52200myfdc@gmail.com

The designer, Mr Shahrul Izhar from World Communications Network Resources came to autograph and left at about 11:05 am.

Meanwhile the winner of the random draw is:

Please email me your address by 3 pm today. Thank you for taking part!

I hope you had a great time! How was your response in the other states? How is the response in your country?

Meanwhile, as at 3:00 pm, the giveaways have been sent out. I have sent you the photo of what you are getting: A designer autographed cover (for yesterday’s giveaway) with a special matching location cancellation! Today’s winner receives the same FDC but with the extra MS making it a very unique composite FDC!

Stay tuned for future fun and activities! Happy Collecting!



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