300th Post! Next Issue: Pearls

Well, this is the 300th Post on myfdc! Thanks for still reading this website.

The next issue’s theme is Pearls. Actually South Sea Pearls. The image has been posted inside PSM News Facebook page.

Once I get a proper image, I will post here. Anyway, it will not be long before the image is circulated everywhere.

There will be:

1. Stamps 60 sen, 70 sen and 80 sen

2. Miniature Sheet RM 5.00 with a glitter foil emboss to make it feel like a pearl

3. Empty folder at RM 6.00

All prices before GST where applicable.

The best concordant cancellation is definitely Mutiara Damansara!

I will give you an update nearer the issue date.

Here is the image along with the design of the cancellation.



2 thoughts on “300th Post! Next Issue: Pearls

    1. Hi Yip,

      Yes it will be sold nation wide. For more stocks of MS try the Penang General Post Office. Sometimes small post office have very little stocks or stocks come late or worse … folded and stapled!


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