Four Nation Stamp Exhibition (04 – 06 December 2015)

Here is the latest poster on the location of the Four Nation Stamp Exhibition.

Four Nation Stamp Exhibition Location Map

In addition, Pos Malaysia will release daily cancellations in the exhibition. Here are the designs.

Four Nation Stamp Exhibition Daily Cancellation

In addition, Pos Indonesia has confirmed their attendance. Pos Indonesia has been actively participating in such events which is very good to enhance the promotion of Indonesian stamps. Thailand and Singapore are expected to send their cancellations to the exhibition site. PSM mentioned that they will release a postcard….hopefully not too glossy this time.

Here is a tip:

  1. Buy your stamps and envelope earlier in your nearest philatelic bureau branch. The exhibition opens at 10:00 am. From past exhibitions in Melaka, there is a shortage of envelopes.
  2. Just head there and buy the MS and just have one person in your group queue to buy so that the queue is faster. Please decide earlier rather than dilly-dally at the counter. No rush on MS, usually there are excess stock and the exhibition closes at 10:00 pm….though some of us want to go back early :-).
  3. Bring along the Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia stamps if you want to stick and cancel with the respective countries’ cancellation. It will be easy to buy Indonesia stamps since Pos Indonesia is coming.
  4. Parking….well either you park at the daily rate parking as you turn into Jalan Laksamana or at the large parking area between Dataran Pahlawan and Mahkota Parade. You need to work out the economics of which one is cheaper and the distance you want to walk.

If any of you have an order with me and want me to bring along, just drop me a note. Or if you want me to bring certain covers, just drop me a note.

I will provide limited updates from Melaka. Too busy chopping and shopping. See you there!

Drive safe!



2 thoughts on “Four Nation Stamp Exhibition (04 – 06 December 2015)

  1. Singapore Post will unlikely come but their cancel will be held by their Philatelic Association. From past experience, they are quite strict as to what stamp they will cancel. Normally, they will require at least a local postage value, which is 30c. In Bandung 2 years ago, many Malaysian collectors came with their old Singapore stamps with values 1c to 10c to save money. These were promptly rejected. In KL 4 years ago, SingPost came and it so happened that a new issue was launched on the same day. They only brought the FDI for that issue and will not cancel any other stamp. BTW that issue was a S$2 x 2 setenant, so many collectors had to fork out quite a bit to get their cancellations.

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