Next issue: Scented Flowers Series 2

The next issue is planned to be issued on 07 March 2016. This issue will comprise of:

  1. 70 sen x 2 setenant format: Kesidang / Bread Flower (Vallaris glabra)
  2. 80 sen x 2 setenant format: Gapis / Yellow Saraca (Saraca cauliflora)
  3. 80 sen x 2 setenant format: Peluru Meriam / Cannonball Flower (Couroupita guianensis)
  4. RM 5 Miniature Sheet with jasmine scented ink: Bunga Cina / Cape Jasmine (Gardenia jasminoides)

SODA members are supposed to get a strip of all the setenants in a block format. Image is not available as it was not released.

Trivia: This issue is also the first time that the Jawi script (Arabic script used to write the Malay language) is used to write the country’s name.

Here is the poster.


Best concordant locations are:

  1. Kesidang – Melaka (state flower)
  2. Gapis – Taiping (most site list this flower as Saraca thaipingensis)
  3. Peluru Meriam – KL, Penang, Kepong (3 of the locations with this tree in the park)
  4. Bunga Cina – no suitable location – perhaps Lubok China or Melor (this flower is also known as Bunga Melur)

Alternative cancellation is Tanjung Bungah which is suitable for any of the stamps.



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