Towards 600,000 views

myfdc will be hitting the 600k viewers milestone! The unexpected interest in Mickey Mouse and Orchids accelerated the views. By the end of today, it should be 598,000 and it is expected to cross the 600,000 by the end of this week!

myfdc is a self funded website that focus on Malaysia First Day Covers and of course stamps and Miniature Sheets (MS). myfdc consists of various kind sharing contributors (it is not possible for me to be everywhere) to ensure the news can be obtained in an orderly manner. In order to ensure accuracy, the facts are checked first. This may cause a delay in the news BUT you will not get “fake news” 🙂

myfdc has been updated to have a quick link to the Facebook edition (for quick news). You can access via this link:

The FB site has over 1,010 Followers compared to the website with slightly over 411 Followers. Most of them are dealers and resellers who want to get ahead of the collectors.

Many thanks for your continued readership. Okay, I have been running this everytime myfdc is reaching a milestone. The lucky one who hits the 600,000 view mark.


  1. Do not ask me how the numbers come out in the display. Ask WordPress. I have no clue and no time to track the number of view change.
  2. It is very luck based, so if someone logs in and clicks through and the system does not refresh, then nothing much I can do as I am not running the counter.

This is how it works in case this is the first time you are participating.

1. Scroll  and LOOK at the right side bar to check which viewer you are.

2. If you are the 600,000th viewer, take a screenshot (*just like the sample image without the red box and red arrow) and email to me at

3. If you are viewer 599,995 to 599,999 or 600,001 to 600,005, take a screenshot. You will also be given a prize.

You will not regret it.

Simple…. I hope…..

By the way, I will be running sales on FB and eBay as well as a few other activities as soon as I can figure out what to do. A quiz will be coming up as well. Meanwhile, feel free to send me ideas 🙂

Here is how you can also be contributing, send your suggestions for news, make concordant covers, send news and events in your area (only for non-commercial activities of stamp associations, school stamp clubs, etc.), provide updates in your area during issue day, etc.

Thank you very much for your support, comments and ideas!

Hope to see you at a million views!



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