02 August 2019: Relocation of Bahau Post Office to Tesco Bahau

Reminder for tomorrow if you plan to do a last day of operation posting from the old Bahau Post Office (Negeri Sembilan).


I received confirmation from the Bahau Post Office that the current post office will operate until 02 August 2019 (Friday). It will be closed from 03 August 2019 onwards.

Bahau Post Office, 52, Jalan Mahligai, 72100 Bahau, Negeri Sembilan

Telephone: 06 – 4541235

The operation will move to start in Tesco Bahau from 05 August 2019.

PT 4109, Sebahagian Lot 12676, Geran 215917, Lot Lame Lot 177, GM75418, Mukim Rompin, Daerah Jempol, 72100 Bahau, Negeri Sembilan

Anyone free to head over to make last day of operation and opening day covers to send over?


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