Obtaining the various ASEAN Post 2019 Joint Issue on Traditional Costumes Issues

I have received various questions how to complete the the 10 ASEAN Post Countries set.

For the previous review of what I can find out about the issue (updated today): https://myfdc.me/2019/07/23/looking-forward-to-08-08-2019-asean-post-joint-stamp-issue-national-costume/?wref=tp

Here are suggestions:

(A) You have a contact in every ASEAN country or a member of a joint issue group (especially on Facebook)!

(B) If you are only collecting Mint stamps, then wait for the ASEAN folders. Usually Vietnam Post will have the most complete folder set. Pos Indonesia has a folder set! Singapore will release a folder set on 30 September 2019 (thank you Wong Yong Hwa for the information!). Malaysia also produced a folder in the past. Philippines occasionally sells full sets of stamps from ASEAN Post.

This leaves only the MS to be bought separately.

(C) Buying directly from the Postal Administrations.

It can be a costly and logistically hectic work.

  1. Singapore: https://shop.singpost.com/banners/asean-stamp-2019-costume.html (already issued on 01 August 2019)
  2. Vietnam: http://vietnamstamp.com.vn
  3. Malaysia: https://www.eziemall.com/folder-set
  4. Thailand: https://www.postemart.com/

The above countries should have sufficient mints.

These Postal Administrations are harder to contact (and sometimes do not respond) and perhaps you might need to email or call them:

  1. Philippines: https://www.phlpost.gov.ph/stamp-releases.php
  2. Cambodia: https://www.cambodiapost.post/en/page/postal-stamp (This is the better link but down: http://www.stamps.kh.post/)
  3. Laos: http://www.laopost.com.la/App_UI/ShoppingOnline/Index.aspx
  4. Brunei: cscpost@post.gov.bn
  5. Myanmar: I can provide the contact. Otherwise try: https://www.myanmarepost.com/
  6. Indonesia: https://www.posindonesia.co.id/id/content/9

If you are an FDC collector, it becomes harder as the FDCs are not sold in folder sets. The first 4 postal administrations (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam) can be ordered online. Thailand might need to contact them directly.

In addition, Thai collectors make beautiful concordant FDCs with multiple match cancellations plus designer autographs. They are worth the price.

For the other 6 countries, it is easier to first try and contact the country or a friend in the country followed by eBay. If the price is high, just wait a year and it will drop like a rock once it is not hot. Check around and you will see stock overhangs due to cornering and hording.

So get ready for next week!

If you have anything you wish to share or would like to be a contact point to sell your country’s ASEAN issue, just give me your contact and permission to publish your contact and you can deal directly with whomever is interested to buy directly from you.

YES! I intend to make a special concordant FDC as always. Pre-orders are accepted for concordant Malaysia FDCs. sky52200myfdc@gmail.com

Check out upcoming posts as I will have a special for ASEAN and Joint Issue collectors.



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