22 August 2019: Caves in Malaysia

It was pitch darkness when we started to assemble. It looks like quite awhile before we see some light. The time passed rather quickly as we discussed about the stamp issue. I was unable to get additional leave due to the late confirmation of the images and issue date. Though the stamp schedule is there, it is has always been on a tentative status thus any pre-arrangements will be catastrophically high cost for concordant collectors. Fortunately there are back-up plans and friends to explore caves and one is headed north as others are heading east. I guess the riddle makes more sense now that the stamp details were released.

Perhaps we will be able to get information earlier in the future. A week ahead will be good, 2 weeks, ideal. We do not live next to the post office and most of us still need to work to be able to spend on philately.

As day broke, the exploration team was made up of less than 10! A far cry from the regulars. No matter. We will head on.  The cavern was so cold that the posters were left there for hours… still there by 10:30 am.

The Miniature Sheet was a clever design. Most die cuts focus on the other shape. This time it is an inverted way of focusing on the cave mouth! Here is how it looks like:

I wish I was near the Petronas Twin Towers to frame the cavern mouth. This will do.

So an imaginative collector with a deep pocket can technically make a 3D MSFDC!

Notice the depth and the effect by arranging the MS in a row? It is not too late. Post offices close at 05:30 pm or 06:00 pm in shopping centres!

Meanwhile, Mr KY Lim was busy signing Caving Permits.

It was now time to head to the Caves! First stop:

Yes! You guessed it. The nearest famous tourist caves is in Batu Caves! It is a must visit area. Google to find out!

Today I am after another famous spot for FDC collectors in Batu Caves!

I want to thank Pos Malaysia for listening to the collectors. For far too long the First Day of Issue round cancellers were not available or only some were still servicaeable. Lately the Pos Offices have been reissued with an Oval First Day of Issue cancellers. The cancellers are usable from 2018 until 2029. It was first seen in the beginning of 2019 when I dropped by Jalan Kuching for the 150 Years Sarawak stamp issue.

Having got my Caving Permit stamped, it was time to head to Gua. That is a story for another time!

My favourite cave in the stamp series is Gua Niah. If you have a chance to visit, it is really great! Perhaps time to revisit!

Oh yes! This is one of those few issues that we can make a composite FDC (stamps and MS on one FDC). Not that we are being cheapskates but composite FDCs really look nice! This is also the first stamps issue to focus on just Caves!


  1. Stamps: 200,000 pieces of each design
  2. MS: 22,000 pieces
  3. Empty folder: 1,600 pieces
  4. Blank envelopes: 27,000 pieces


ps: marathoner1987, check your post box 🙂

pps: If you want a spare MS, I have a couple left from not being able to make more MSFDC, I ran out of envelopes. I do not keep mint. Sorry: NO SWAPPING! NO EXCHANGE!




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