Into the Forest again…..Further information on the FRIM Merbau Setem Ku

Here are some information on the FRIM Merbau (National Tree) Setem Ku issue:

The quantity issued is 800 folder sets of which the VIPs who attended the launch were given a complimentary folder (23 August 2019).

The Folder sets were put on sale on Monday (26 August 2019). On the advice of Pos Malaysia, FRIM did make an official cancellation and applied on the Setem Ku sheetlets (refer to the red circle):

The original mint sheets looks like this without the special cancellation:

A total of 100 sets were available for sale at the Visitor Information Centre:

Location map (refer to the yellow circle with (i)) for those going over to collect your order:

There was a long queue on the day of sale (26 August 2019) and by Tuesday the folders were already exhausted. Those who did not order earlier had no chance of getting the Folder set. Many myfdc readers also called in to book their sets and the centre is processing the orders. I believe these are the lucky ones.

I believe this will be a treasured item. In addition, the trend on the Setem Ku with special cancellations will give rise to a branch of Setem Ku FDCs. However, as news reports are usually released through the mainstream media which are usually not philatelically inclined, this important information is missed out and will result in lower awareness amongst stamp and FDC collectors.

If any of you are aware of any upcoming Setem Ku issues that will be available to the public, do drop me a note (BEFORE the issue) at:

I can help publicise to the stamp collecting groups.


ps: It helps if you follow or subscribe to myfdc. You get validated news with sufficient notice (maybe last minute notice nowadays….) to plan.









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