23 August 2019: Merbau Tree Stamps by FRIM

In a little picked up press release, Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (Institut Penyelidikan Perhutanan Malaysia) released Merbau Personalised Stamps (Setem Ku). Merbau is also known as Malacca Teak was picked as the national tree of Malaysia.

For the news report: http://mrem.bernama.com/viewsm.php?idm=35301

The stamp folder is sold at RM 40.00. No news of any personalised FDC.

Here is the front of the folder.

Here is the inside:

myfdc would like to acknowledge and thank a long time reader, teacher Mr YK Lim for alerting myfdc of this stamp issue.

Organisations wishing to promote stamps can reach myfdc at sky52200myfdc@gmail.com for faster and wider targetted publicising to stamp collecting audience in Malaysia and internationally.



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