A Reader clicked this and Bought a Sought After for Face Value

Hmmm, aren’t you tired of all that cheesy crappy heading to entice you to click not really get anything much to shout about?

Well not here. Here you get the information as it comes out after facts are checked.

Back to the cheesy crappy marketing heading…..here is the order form for the Trengganu/Terengganu Royal Philatelic Presentation miniature sheets (perforated and imperforated). These MS have been withdrawn from sale soon after WYSE in order to meet SODA requirements. Thus this is currently the avenue to order at face value. Sorry no FDC as mentioned earlier.


Just print out the photo (I do not have a scanner) and fax in your order. You can deduct the total from SODA.

Alternatively, clip a payment instrument for your order. If you are using cheque, do remember that in 2015 there is an additional charge of RM 0.50 for all cheques.

Stay tuned tomorrow for an Epic Crossing………



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