Want something really Limited? Read on…

If you are a Standing Order Deposit Account (SODA) holder with Pos Malaysia, the order form for the Installation of DYMM Sultan Perak Premier Miniature Sheet is now available. It is limited to only 10 pieces per SODA account. If course if you are just a collector, you will not be ordering too many unless you want to punt on the possible appreciation in value.

Not free to go to GPO? Here is a public service…here is the form. Just print and fax back to SODA:


This is the image circulating on the internet for quite sometime now.

It is NOT too late to open a SODA account as the closing date is 15 June 2015. How to join SODA? Check out this link: http://www.pos.com.my/post-offices/stamps-philately-setemku/?join-soda



8 thoughts on “Want something really Limited? Read on…

    1. It is the 3 stamps in a frame with RM 5 value and the MS stamp this time in white RM 5. Both of these in one bigger MS with a white background.


      1. In your opinion, is it worth to collect it? As i am not see the image, so i dunt know whether worth to buy or not.

      2. In my humble opinion it is worth keeping one piece. It looks rather classy. The dealers will be making a quick buck on this. Already some are offering RM 20 per piece!


      1. Your news regarding new stamp always fastest, so I do follow your post. But do you have facebook or whatsapp can add me in?

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