Updated news Next Issue: 08 August 2019 ASEAN Joint Issue National Costume

Pos Malaysia released the official images (which is the same as those circulating on Facebook)

and the product price listing.

The products are:

  1. Stamp: Single 60 sen stamp featuring Baju Melayu (gentleman) and Baju Kurung (lady) – 200,000 pieces
  2. Miniature Sheet: RM 5.00 featuring the various ethnic costumes in Malaysia – 22,000 pieces
  3. Empty Folder: RM 6.00 – 1,600 pieces (this is NOT the 10 countries’ folder!)
  4. Blank envelope: 50 sen – 27,000 pieces

In addition to being an ASEAN Joint Issue, the MS also features special UV printing for our unusual printing collectors.

The designer is World Communications Network Resources. Mr Shahrul Izhar is expected to make an appearance.

Pos Malaysia and the other ASEAN Post member countries have exchanged 1,000 with each other. Thus expect to see 1,000 sets available in each country. In my earlier news, I have noted that Indonesia and Singapore are producing folders sets of mint stamps.

So what about Malaysia and how to get all 10 member countries? SODA! Yup, SODA order forms. Wait for it.

If you are a Standing Order Deposit Account holder, you will be able to order the folder pack on a first come first served basis. As I mentioned earlier, this is the most affordable way to obtain Laos and Cambodia. The image of the folder pack has NOT been released!

Anybody wants to exchange ASEAN FDCs (non-posted)? I will make specialised concordant FDCs.





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