And the winners are…….Malaysia National Costume ASEAN Post Joint Issue Giveaway to ASEAN Readers

Updated 07 August 2019: The winners are………..

  1. No 16 (Malaysia) Lim Jia Chun
  2. No 32 is Malaysia, the allocation for Malaysia is taken up… so next ASEAN country back to 1…2 Cambodia (Cooper Ham)
  3. No 2 + 16 = 18 (Malaysia, taken up sorry).. 19, 20 Philippines (LapFun)
  4. No 20 + 16 = 32… 4…. 6 Singapore (Jeremy Ho)
  5. No 6 + 16 = 22 taken until 31 Vietnam (Nguyen Quang Huy)

Only 5 winners:

  1. Malaysia : Lim Jia Chun
  2. Cambodia: Cooper Ham
  3. Philippines: LapFun
  4. Singapore: Jeremy Ho
  5. Vietnam: Nguyen Quang Huy

Please send me your address by 11am on 08 August 2019 or I will give the the next of the same country on the list.

Email your address to:

Thank you for taking part.

Happy ASEAN Day on 08 August 2019!



Well, we are awaiting the formal announcement for the upcoming ASEAN Post Joint Stamp Issue on National Costume.

In the Facebook virtual world, the image of the poster has been posted countless times in various groups. I suppose if you want an idea how the 60 sen stamp and RM 5 miniature sheet looks like you might want to go into Facebook and use the search function.

Meanwhile, in the spirit of ASEAN co-operation especially in the images that has been sent: , I will be running a random number draw tomorrow night (Malaysian night of course) when I am free.

So go ahead and place your number in sequence followed by your country.  If you want to know how it is done, have a look here: just add your country. If you are not a regular reader, you might read first before asking questions that has been answered.

This giveaway will feature the 60 sen stamp x 2 for ASEAN countries (the postage rate for ASEAN) or 60 sen within Malaysia. The cover will be nice, “hint”!

I will randomly draw a number and work out who gets the cover. I will allocated for 10 different ASEAN countries (including Malaysia).

Please put your number followed by your country, EXAMPLE:

1 Vietnam

2 Philippines

3 Indonesia

4 Thailand

5 Singapore

6 Myanmar

7 Myanmar

8 Singapore

9 Malaysia

10 Malaysia

11 Singapore

and so on…..


Not from ASEAN? Keep a look out on 08.08.2019! I will have a special cover to give out. Hint!

I do not guarantee the arrival of your cover if it is stolen along the way.  You are getting it for free and that is as much as I can do with my limited budget to run this site.

How many am I giving away again? 10 random covers, one to each ASEAN country who participate. If no one from a particular country participates, then I reduce by the number of country not participating.

I will message you tomorrow night for your address if you are the lucky one and I will also put the results here. I reserve the right to correct your queue number as sometimes the server did not refresh on time and 2 or more persons might have the same number. Thus do not sit and think that is your number. Check back.

So I am eagerly awaiting the formal release of information from Pos Malaysia.

Surprisingly Vietnam Post in a formal email reply this afternoon mentioned that: quote from the email “There’s no information at the moment”. Seems that other postal administrations are also silent on the issue even though it is slightly over a day to go!

Right, start your lucky queue below!



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