Last Day of the Year looking for Edible Flowers in the Garden

Right! First off as you read this, it is probably near new year or even New Year 2022!

There was no rush today. Surprisingly the turnout in the morning was double that of the Malaysia Cup! We had 12 persons queueing up! I guess it might also be because of the last day of the year. The poster had not arrived. I actually came to pick up the poster.

However, it proved to be a quick change of plans as I read the brochure, the information for this stamp issue in the leaflet was provided by Yang Berbahagia Professor Dr Muhammad Shahrim from the Faculty of Food Science and Technology, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)!

Time for an unexpected concordancy in the Klang Valley!

First off… figure out how to stick and it was a pleasant surprise as I could fit the stamps and MS together to make a composite First Day Cover! Awesome! I hope designers will take note of this! It is something the collectors look forward in every issue since the size of the envelope change to the current format. The composite FDCs are highly prized whenever it can be done! Here it is (by now many in the Philatelic Community is sticking this way!):

Next off to the only garden in Kuala Lumpur! Connaught Garden or Taman Connaught!

I was the first to make a FDC in the post office. Yes they do have a philatelic cancellation.

I managed to have a rest for lunch, a very rare luxury when making concordant FDCs as time is limited. However after lunch, the traffic was a mess! It looked like every Ali, Muthu and Ah Hock vehicles were trying to get into Kuala Lumpur! After navigation numerous turns with Waze and finding myself in unfamiliar backlanes and unknown paths, I managed to reach……

No worries, I am not attending lectures today (closed anyway), it is this I am after:

The MS were all sold out in the UPM Post Office. I managed to get the nice cancellation and here is the output!

So an unexpected concordancy was achieved!

Here are the great suggestions for you to consider to make a special concordant FDC:

  1.  Tanjung Bungah
  2.  Any post office with Taman (Garden where more of these flowers are grown)
  3.  Papaya Flower matched with Kelantan POs or Terengganu POs
  4.  Butterfly Pea Flower matched with Melaka POs
  5.  Torch Ginger Flower matched with Sarawak POs
  6.  Of course UPM in recognition of their contribution to the knowledge!

The designers are Koo Jye Shen and Hoen Yun (their earlier work was on the Hidden Treasures of Malaysia – Islands :

I hope with the changes happening, Pos Malaysia can release philatelic technical details at least a week earlier in order for the collectors to apply for annual leave (yes, we are not all lucky retirees with flexible time) and prepare our designs. It will be great to go back to 2017 when we even have media preview to see the actual product. Well, fingers crossed!

May I take the chance to wish everyone a Happy New Year 2022! May the roar of the Tiger bring in success!





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