05 August 2021: Hidden Treasures of Malaysia – Islands

The issue was released today. The reception was low due to many collecters did not get the news on time and the restrictions on movement still in control in many parts of the country.

At at 09:00 am, the Kuala Lumpur Philatelic Bureau Headquarters saw only 6 customers. Most of them left very quickly. There is a welcomed ready made FDC to reduce the number of persons making FDC on the spot.

The issue’s highlights are probably the Miniature Sheet and folder. The Miniature Sheet featured a very nice embossing with lacquer. Take a look:

Here is the rear view of the embossing on the MS.

The folder has a nice hot foil gold lettering and lacquered effect. Here is the folder with the poster and FDCs.

These are the stamp sheetlets of 10s and the Miniature Sheet.

Overall it is a very attractive issue and features some nice thematics on the title header with turtles (reptiles / marine life thematic collectors), Proboscis Monkey (primates / mammals / animals thematic collectors) and of course islands thematic collectors. The margins also have interesting icons of flora and fauna (including birds), tourism activities, images of the respective islands and compass.

How was the situation in your location?

For overseas collectors (except Singapore), you will still need to wait for the reopening of International Mail (the real mail not the expensive courier!) before any collector can mail to you.




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