31 March 2020: Pos Malaysia announced an interruption to International Mail and Parcel

Today, Pos Malaysia released a media statement on the interruption to International Mail and Parcels.

The only countries that are not suspended are China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and United Kingdom. It was effective from yesteday 30 March 2020.

I guess there will be many questions about items posted before that date. Will it face delayed delivery?

Surprisingly Express Mail Service (EMS) document to Singapore is not available.

EMS parcel seems to have more locations being disrupted.

This will impact many of the stamps exchanges and international mailing. Keep this in mind if you need to send something to your friends overseas. My foreign readers, check if your location is impacted.

Meanwhile, I am collecting the series of notices and postal activities during this COVID-19 period under: https://myfdc.me/articles/covid-19-movement-control-order-period/

Hopefully a record on how mail was handled or disrupted can be kept for future reference

Sitting at home, I am still waiting for my mails. It seems the frequency is further reduced. Perhaps due to a drop in mail volume? I will keep you posted as Malaysia moves into the second phase of a more restrictive Movement Control Order between 01 – 14 April 2020.



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