2019 Updated List of Philatelic Bureaus

I would like to thank KH Chung for sharing this updated list from the Philatelic Bureau. Here are the latest 95 locations of the Philatelic Bureau branches with special pictorial cancellation (chop):

The number of locations have been reduced from 96 in the 2017 list to 95 today.

2 of the locations have closed, i.e. Butterworth (Penang) and KLIA (Selangor). However a new location has been added, i.e. Johol (Negeri Sembilan).

Keep the list handy (or this link handy), so that when you are chasing concordancy, you know where to go.

Meanwhile, quite interestingly, which nearest Philatelic Bureau do you visit to get your FDC cancelled with the first day pictorial cancellation (chop)? Would you like to share?






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